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The Ultimate Highchair Acquiring Guide

Do you find yourself googling what is the most effective high chair available in 2020? Or, what’s a very easy to clean high chair? What’s the most effective collapsible high chair? What is the most effective high chair for small spaces? These are all questions I have actually had myself as a mommy! I recognize exactly how frustrating as well as complicated it can be with the wealth of high chair items that are around on the market!
Specifically as mothers, occasionally we feel like we have to supply the current and also best for our children … and we do this out of love! Yet googling the “ideal child high chair 2020” may not exactly do this for us when it pertains to getting your child a comfy, very easy to tidy, and secure high chair. Reality of the issue is, the best high chairs out there aren’t always one of the most pricey, or the “fanciest”!

In this article, I want to streamline this search for you!

Did you recognize that having your baby and also toddler positioned properly during feeding is important for risk-free and also focused feeding success? As well as to get us started, it wouldn’t be a post about high chairs without first looking at the appropriate seating position for feeding a baby!

Below is a listing of things that your infant ought to be able to perform in their high chair to achieve optimal feeding success!

  • They ought to be able to hold their head upright and also steady without tiring.
  • Their upper body must be positioned upright and airway unlimited. This suggests their bum and also pelvis are placed straight under their hips (at a 90 level angle).
  • Their shoulders are tilted simply a little in front of the hips. They can likewise lean onward if desired and turn somewhat to the left or the right without limitation.
  • Their arms are easily movable as well as not limited by any means.
  • Feet are supported with a foot rest appropriate for their elevation, with their ankles likewise relaxing at 90 degrees under their knees!
    * PS Children must be able to rest upright unassisted without tiring quickly prior to starting solids. Alone ways without your aid, or the assistance of a seating tool or high chair. For these specific reasons, I never advise making use of a xmcolorbaby chair to feed your infant!If you want to learn more about the appropriate seats position for feeding and also have a look at the reasons behind this, look into my article on risk-free and also effective seating settings!WHY APPERTAINS SEATING SO IMPORTANT?
    One of my greatest ideas for just how to aid your young child sit as well as remain at the table is to make certain proper and comfy seating!

Proper seats is typically avoided over, yet is sooo crucial for feeding success!


  • Intending to avoid dishes to leave the table early
  • Being fidgety/squirmy or attempting to consume in weird settings
  • Has problem with creating great motor and eating skills– for instance, using tools!
    You’ll specifically see these indicators start when your infant isn’t held upright as well as has no footrest. Think about what it’s like when you eat off a really tall bar feces … do you struggle with your feet hanging with no support? Exactly how does this effect your chewing, control, preserving your position, and your comfort? Everything comes to be sooo much harder!! Notification frequently in these situations we try to find something to naturally relax our feet on, or we wrap our feet and also ankle joints around the legs of the chair.These are all reasons why you want to discover a comfortable seating setting for your young child or baby! My Feeding Toddlers on-line program and also Infant Led Feeding training course both equip you with the understanding you need to feel confident through this process (and also to solve the above issues you may be having!).WHAT TO SEARCH FOR IN A HIGH CHAIR
    An appropriate high chair is the most precious and also crucial feeding gear to get! Bear in mind that a proper or good high chair doesn’t imply it has to be one of the most costly one! Though some add-ons can be handy if you can invest the money on them, attachments are not required.


  • Safety belt.

    This is necessary to maintain your infant secure from slipping or falling out of the chair, by strapping your infant into the chair.

  • Allows baby to sit at 90 levels.

    The principle is 90-90-90! This implies a 90 degree angle at the hips, 90 degree angle at the knees, and also a 90 level angle at the ankle with feet level. You wish to find a high chair that will enable you to quickly place your infant in this position when feeding.

  • Has a footstool (flexible is best).

    Dangling feet while eating is no good for your infant’s trunk as well as core support as well as stability. Not having correct foot assistance can cause your baby to be inattentive and also less concentrated at dish times.

  • Easy to cleanse.

    As a fellow mother I recognize that you do not desire a high chair with a lot of material. To acquire an easy to tidy high chair, discover one that has a wood, plastic, or metal framework.
    Detachable tray at the degree of infant’s elbow joints. Having your baby’s tray at the height of their arm joints permits appropriate series of activity when consuming. A removable tray is another addition that can be excellent if you want to remove it as well as have your child join you at the dinner table for a meal! Sometimes this can be challenging if the chair height matches the height of your cooking area table, so maintain this in mind. Nonetheless, you can alleviate this by finding a high chair that has flexible legs. Having a high chair with an adjustable height is also valuable for when your child grows and also transitions into toddlerhood!

  • * Honorable mention * You don’t require to get a high chair with a recliner. While reclining can be okay for container feeding, reclining your infant when consuming solids is NOT secure for your baby!

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